Celebrating Milestones: Baby’s 1st Birthday!

Celebrating Milestones: Baby’s 1st Birthday!

We are all about milestones here. Celebrating them, capturing them & remembering them for years to come. A child’s 1st birthday is a special one in our book!

This birthday girl was all smiles as she showed off her walking skills and her fluffy pink skirt! We love the way the bright pinks of her outfit contrast the simple white backdrop & draw attention to the myriad of adorable expressions on her face.

So take a look and you will find – a few of our favorite images, one charming 1-year old, and a whole lot of pink!

…now is it just us, or does she look ready for Valentines Day?! Keep in mind – a photo session or framed images make a great gift for your love, your parents, grandma, & the list goes on!

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