Snow Day!

So you've dug out your car & shoveled the sidewalk. Now how about something fun to do in all this snow?! Outdoor winter portraits anyone?! We love the crisp backdrop a snowy yard or field provides, and have a blast photographing in this wintry element. It makes colors pop and gives a unique look to [...]

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Pups at Play

  Our recent promotional day for pups at Adam's Farm in Walpole was great fun! We had plenty of beautiful backdrops to use - between a bright red and crisp white barn, a classic white fence and a picturesque field extending into the woods. Quintessential New England! Take a look below at a few of [...]

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Puppy Love.

They say dogs are man's best friend. And let's face it, people love their pets. Here at Judith Sargent Photography, we have many clients who bring their furry friends along on families photo shoots, engagement sessions, you name it! Dogs are an important part of many people's lives. So whether you're looking for family photos [...]

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The perfect pet portrait!

I've been shooting family "portraits in the park" for several years.  Most of my customers come with mom, dad, brother and sister...sometimes with grandma and grandpa.  Lately however I'm noticing more and more families bring along their dog.  Some furry friends are incredibly comfortable in front of a camera - though rare!  Most often I find that I carry [...]

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