Those Teenage Years…

As kids get older, it can get harder and harder to get them to (willingly) pose for a picture together. We all have countless photos of our precious little babies, chubby toddlers, and cute kids as they head off to school. But then what?! If you're anything like us, it's their high school senior portrait [...]

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Three Generations of Fun!

Generational sessions can be a real blast, and this get together was no exception! Here we have three generations worth of bright patterns and warm smiles! Generational portraits make a great gift for grandparents, parents, or even yourself! If your family is anything like ours, getting everyone to be in the same place at the [...]

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Siblings Say Cheese!

We recently had the pleasure of spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a group of wonderful families. Children grow and change so quickly, photos can be a great way to preserve a moment in time. Check out these adorable little ones sharing affection with their siblings who smiled their way right into our hearts! We [...]

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Seaside Smiles!

As the leaves turn and the days get cooler, you may be thinking the days of beach photos are on hold until next summer. But the beach is still beautiful in the fall! We recently spent an evening with the McCarthy family on a beach on Massachusetts' south shore, and this one focused on the [...]

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Welcome to the World!

The Gamache family recently welcomed a new addition! We were delighted to spend some time with baby Benjamin and the whole family during this exciting time! As we all know, time flies and babies grow and change so fast! It is a blessing to capture what will become important memories (such as their first moments!) [...]

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