The Look of Love.

The Look of Love.

Kim and Doug are perfect for each other! Mutual friends thought these two young professionals might just get along when they took a chance and introduced them a few years ago.

Apparently they agreed. And today, they’re thinking they have some pretty great friends!

Kim shared that one of her favorite moments of the day was the first time she and Doug saw each other, when they had a brief moment alone together before everything they had been planning took off like a whirlwind, sweeping them up into what will become cherished memories.

“His face and reaction the first time he saw me will stay with me forever.  It was a special moment and at the moment all I cared about was him!” The love this couple shares is palpable, and we were excited to be the ones to capture it in timeless images from their wedding day.

Check out the couple’s “first look” and some other moments we thought were particularly special throughout the day!

Congratulations Kim and Doug!

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